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Anglim Winery is focused on producing memorable wines using a combination of traditional and new-world winemaking methods. We partner with top growers to make vineyard-designated wines so that our customers can experience the characteristics of each vineyard as they evolve from year to year. We strive to make the best wine possible from every vintage to keep our quality consistently high, and assign vineyard designations only when they meet both our and our growers’ high standards. In addition to vineyard-designates, we plan to produce select blends in years when the fruit from various growers harmonizes.

Our red wines are picked by hand early in the morning to keep the temperature low. The grapes are gently destemmed to retain 50 to 70% whole berries, transferred to small open-top fermenters, cold soaked for 1 to 4 days, and inoculated with various yeast cultures to enhance wine complexity. We punch down three to five times a day by hand, generally fermenting to dryness. Once fermentation is complete, we move the wine “dirty” directly to barrels for aging, keeping press lots separate until blending. The wines are aged with minimal intervention for 18 to 24 months in 100% French oak cooperage, varying percentages of new oak depending on the wine profile. We believe in bottling wines unfined and unfiltered, but if the wine can be made better by a little intervention, then we do so.

Our white wines are picked early, received cold, and whole cluster pressed. The juice is chilled to a fermentation temperature of 50ºF, allowed to settle, and
Our Rosé is made from juice separated at crush, and produced like a white wine. The juice is fermented cold in neutral french oak, and aged and bottled to optimize freshness and fruit flavors.

We are continuously looking for outstanding growers and plan to expand our offerings in future years. Each wine is distinct by design and reflects the soil, climate, and vineyard practices of the growers. We hope you enjoy drinking these wines as much as we do bringing them to you.

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